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Exclusive Winslow Features

Not available from any other organization!

Presented below are exclusive features provided by the Winslow Assessment System that are not available to your organization from any other known assessments.

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Most Comprehensive Assessment

The Winslow Profile is the most comprehensive assessment available to measure the personality, behavior and attitudes of employees or applicants. The Profile measures 24 personality traits, on a bi-polar scale, for a total of 48 dimensions of personality. It measures every trait relevant to success in all positions, at all levels on your organizational chart.

Assessment Validity Controls

The Winslow Profile contains special control questions that determine the accuracy and objectivity of the answers participants give to the questions in the Profile.

  • Valid Reports Guaranteed: Winslow Reports will only be prepared when participants' answers to the Profile are accurate and objective. Thirty percent of all participants have invalid results on their first assessment. Consequently, 3 out of 10 competitive reports are invalid and not worth the paper used to print them.
  • Unlimited Retakes: Our clients are not charged an additional fee when participants with invalid results retake the Profile.

Most Comprehensive Assessment Feedback

Four versions of Winslow Reports are available to our clients on every participant.

Participant's Report
A 45 to 55 page Report presents detailed information to the participant on their personality, behavior and attitudes. Included in each report are profile charts, trait descriptions, influential traits, both assets and potential concerns, and suggestions for development.

Manager's Report
A condensed Report is available for the participant's immediate manager. This version enables managers to most effectively communicate with, manage and motivate each employee to their potential.

Executive Report
This version provides upper management with the assessment results in a concise format to save time in reviewing Reports. This version contains only the Personality Profile and Position Compatibility Summary Forms.

Position Compatibility Summary
This "bottom line" Report provides the assessment results and the participant's compatibility for their position on one easy to understand color-coded page.

Standard Position Analyses

Are conducted, at no additional fee, to determine the behavioral requirements for each position in your organization.

Custom Position Analyses

Are available, for an additional fee when a position is exclusive to only your organization. They are not required for most positions.

Position Success Profiles

Color-coded Success Profiles, based on the results of each Position Analyses, are included in each Report. These user-friendly overlays enable you to identify trait scores that will have a positive or negative influence on success.

Position Compatibility Summaries

Combines the participant's assessment results and the behavioral requirements for their position on one insightful page. This color-coded PCS Form summarizes the participant's compatibility for their position.

Group Personality Profiles

Composite profiles are prepared for any groups of participants you desire. The average scores of all participants in a group are presented in one Group Profile. These profiles enable management to identify the strengths and synergies of select groups of personnel, and are valuable in managing groups as teams.

Group Summary Charts

Composite charts are prepared for any groups of employees you desire. The personality trait scores for all participants are presented in one summary chart. The Position Compatibility Summary data for all employees is also presented in one summary chart. These charts enable management to compare the data on any and all of your participants.

Private Client Internet System

Every client is given a private, secure Internet Winslow Website to administer and manage their assessment activity. This system enables you to conveniently, purchase Profile Passwords, Activate Passwords for participants, assess participants, access completed Reports and manage your group profiles, among other functions.

Client Training & Support

A Winslow consultant will train two of your employees to become Winslow Administrators to manage your assessment activity. If desired, they can receive additional training and be Winslow Profiles Certified for a nominal fee.

Selection & Development Programs

Most of our clients utilize the Winslow Reports for both Applicant Selection and Employee Development. Reports on current employees are most valuable because employees are usually the greatest asset of most organizations. Anything that can be done to preserve and enhance that asset should be done. The Winslow Employee Development Reports will enhance the performance of your current employees and reduce personnel turnover. The Winslow Applicant Selection Reports enable you to hire the best available applicants for every position in your organization.

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