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Customers Testimonials

Lee C. Personal Coach: "Thank you, Bill Winslow, for your great contributions to us individually and as a coaching organization. Your assessment has favorably impacted lots and lots of lives just from my personal observation, including my own. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!"
Nigel Harris: "The Winslow experience has strengthened my faith in my ability to achieve - to free myself from the shackles of limi tations. My philosophy is: what someone thinks about me does not define who I am."

Arlette Sisnett: "The Winslow Programme helped me to improve my assertiveness and gave me greater self-confidence. The additional Winner's Edge training has left me with very good information which I can continue to use from day to day."
Margaret Griffith: "The Winslow Programme has been a tremendous benefit to me, both personally and on the job. It has helped me to develop a more positive attitude to life in general. As a Coach in the Winslow Programme, I have been able to benefit more as I interact with my protege I would recommend Winslow to anyone who is willing to work towards a goal."

Rodney Doffin: "The Winslow Programme helped me to identify those traits that are most likely to restrain me from reaching my goals and those that are most likely to help me achieve them. It provided a mechanism for me to recognize opportunities for im provement and guided me through the stages of personal change and development. I have grown as a result of the Winslow Assessment Profile and the coaching sessions. That growth is reflected in my personal and work relationships, (so my friends and colleagues tell me). I feel a sense of achievement as I reflect on the progress I have made. My goal is to be 'Unconsciously Competent' (permanent personality change - high performance by reflex)."

Hal Hunte: "As a Winslow participant I have learned about the personality traits which I have that can assist me in working to my personal potential in my job. I have also learned about those that could hold me back from achieving my goals. As a coach I have learned How to communicate more effectively and have acquired those skills which could assist me in motivating my proteges to set and achieve realistic goals for themselves."

Pamela Blackman: "Winslow is an objective assessment tool, and through the Personality Trait Groups, I have come to understand how these traits relate to each other, and to realize that one has the ability to change the weaker characteristics. It has highlighted those areas where I am both strong and weak. This provided the opportunity for me to conduct a self-examination and build my determination to develop those weaker areas."

Curtis Smith: "Winslow has helped me to identify my weaknesses and to work continuously on improving them. As a result, I am better equipped to speak about myself with greater confidence. As a coach, I have the opportunity and tools to assist others in developing and improving upon their weaker traits and also, the opportunity to get to know people better."

Peter Williams: "It is very difficult to look at yourself objectively and see your own faults. Seeing faults in others is by far the easier task, Through Winslow I have been able to look at myself with an objective eye. I admit that I was a little anxious about what it would say. I am working on those aspects of my personality which need improving and, while I still have my faults, I have changed and will continue to change and be able to contribute more to my family, my friends and to this Company."


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